Celebrate World Water Day 2018 together with us, a day for water and sustainable development!
Our water bottle is a symbol of our effort to help the world with basic needs in life.
Members and visitors to the Rotary E-Club 2410 support this work by donating water bottles.
The cost for each water bottle is 20 SEK, 3 USD, 3 Euro. Equal to when you buy a bottle at a store or at a restaurant

Rotary Foundation - Rotarians own foundation

The money we raise from donations of water bottles goes to The Rotary Foundation. Our foundation supports projects around the world in six areas of focus, one of which is water and sanitation. Since 1947, The Rotary Foundation has contributed almost $ 3 billion (about 25 billion SEK) to fund these vital efforts.





Buy a virtual water bottle for 20 SEK or 3 USD, or 3 EUROs

Every day, a little girl walks the long walk to fetch water for her family. Something that is obvious for us is a luxury for others; clean water in the tap. Water is essential for life. Water is a prerequisite for sustainable development.


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Quick facts about Rotary E-Club 2410

Sweden's first Rotary E-club! We combine professional networking
and service to make a difference in the world.

We sell virtual water bottles on our website. The bottle is a symbol
of vital necessity , so it is not about delivering the bottle itself.

Rotary E-club, Sweden started in June 2011 with 25 members
and today we are 68 members, with a gender balance.
We wish to grow and get more members, at least 100!

As a member, you can live anywhere in the world,
but you must speak and write Swedish.

Please visit us as a guest to find out how our Rotary E-club works.

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